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Install Update Hugo Extended for ARM in Ubuntu


17 Nov 2020


17 Nov 2020

ARM processor are getting popular and I recently switched to ARM server as my primary development server.

Hugo regular version is available for ARM processors but Hugo extended with SASS support is not available for ARM.

I did ask for help in hugo support.

And only feedback I got was to build from source code. So I did and this is how you can do it.

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First you need to install few prerequisites before building Hugo

sudo apt-get install build-essential zip unzip

Fresh install of Ubuntu may not contain build-essential package. So you need to install it. And zip/unzip is required to extract compressed file.

Another prerequisite is you need latest version of golang installed on your computer.

I have a blog post that explains how to install golang on ubuntu arm computer

After you have all required prerequisites then download latest hugo source code from github.

Look for Source Code (zip) link. And copy the link address.

wget code_link_url
unzip file_name
cd inside_the_extracted_folder
go build --tags extended

for example

wget https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/archive/v0.78.2.zip
unzip v0.78.2.zip
cd hugo-0.78.2

So you download the file then unzip the file and build the file.

Now here is most difficult part. You may not see anything in the output. But it is building the binary in the background.

So do not ctrl + c the build. Wait until it either errors out or finishes building the binary.

It could take between 5-10 minutes depending on your computer speed.

If successful then you will see file named hugo inside that folder. You need to move it as following

sudo mkdir /usr/local/hugo_extended
sudo mv hugo /usr/local/hugo_extended/

Then add hugo path in profile

vi ~/.profile

Add following at the bottom of the profile

  <!-- prettier-ignore -->
  export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/hugo_extended

Then refresh profile and check go version

  <!-- prettier-ignore -->
  . ~/.profile
  hugo version

You will see output like follows

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.78.2/extended linux/arm64 BuildDate: unknown

For updating the steps are exactly the same except you don't have to add the path.

You delete previous hugo file and replace with new one.

Free users cannot comment below so if you have questions then tweet me @apoorvmote. I would really like to hear your brutally honest feedback.

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